In our last post we described our encounter with meeting another couple, but we left it hanging a little bit since the post had gotten a little long. At the end of the last post we had spent a great night having drinks with another couple and ended the night with some kissing and a bit of intimate moments between the girls. All in all a great night and everyone got along great.

After that night we continued to talk frequently with them online having a great time getting to know each other a lot better. We all continued to be very busy so it was at least 2 or 3 weeks before we could arrange to have a night out together, but we made the plans and kept chatting frequently. Finally the 3 weeks had passed with probably too much chatting going on, but our night out finally arrived and we all met at the restaurant that we’d chosen and settled into a very secluded and intimate booth for a great dinner. There was some awkward moments at the beginning of dinner, but we all settled into some fun flirting and enjoyed the dinner and a few drinks. Dinner passed very quickly and we all decided to head back to our place, which was near-by, to have some dessert…..and the maybe some real dessert 😉

Once back at our place there was a bit of awkwardness again with none of us really knowing how to get the sexual things started. With the first couple it was a lot easier because we were at the swingers club and since everyone had to get naked when we went upstairs moving to sex was a lot easier. This time we all unsure of how to do it, so I finally broke the ice by saying that I thought the two girls looked very sexy when they had been kissing and they should do it again. That was all the kick they needed and the two girls started things off marvelously. As things progressed with clothes coming off and the girls getting more and more into each other they suddenly woke up from their little world that included just the two of them, had a quiet little conference between them and jumped up to come across to the guys. Katrina when to him, and Sara came to me; things started with kissing, but the girls quickly started ripping our clothes off and got busy making sure we didn’t feel left out at all.

Now that we were all involved things started moving rapidly; once I was naked too and Sara had spent some time getting to know my naked body I picked her up, laid her down and explored her as well. As her orgasm was building I looked up to see Tom and Katrina in the same position we were in and a happy look on her face. Once we had brought both girls to orgasm we moved things to the bedroom and kept up the fun with the girls each enjoying three of us making them cum and both girls ensuring that the guys got a blowjob from both of them at the same time (one of my favourite moments so far actually). After making Sara cum once again it was time to take that leap and Katrina asked Sara if she wanted to fuck me.

So with Sara crawling over to me with a lustful look on her face Katrina and Tom started to kiss and get a condom out for their own fun. I took a minute to kiss Sara and soak the moment in, but she seemed to not be really into what I was doing. It was a bit strange as she had been very receptive all night, but I figured maybe I was just taking too long and she was ready to have sex and frustrated. So as I was getting a condom and putting it on, I looked down to Sara with her eyes closed and a hand on her pussy. Thinking back I probably should have recognized the signs of what was up, but in the moment I thought she was playing with herself…..I couldn’t have been more wrong. I get the condom on and move between her legs, as soon as I do that she starts talking to me about how hot I was and how she was ready. That was all the signs I needed and I started to put it inside her, but after a few strokes she pushed me away and jumped off the bed running into the washroom down the hall (not even the en-suite washroom!). Katrina and Tom were busy, but I interrupted to let them know I was pretty sure something was wrong with Sara and perhaps Tom wanted to go check on her.

Doh! So, here we are, three naked people hanging around the washroom door and it’s Katrina and I knocking and checking on Sara with Tom hanging around saying she was probably ok. Not a shining moment for him as a boyfriend. She responds tearily that she wasn’t ok and we all but shove Tom in the damn door to talk to her as Katrina and I go to get dressed. I’m freaked out thinking I did something to upset her, Katrina is freaked out thinking she did something wrong and is also upset because Tom was having trouble getting hard and she was very self conscious about it (thoughts of whether he found her attractive, was she not good enough in bed etc.) All in all, just a lot of bad thoughts going around. When Sara finally emerged from the bathroom, got dressed and cleaned up a bit she admitted that seeing Tom and Katrina having ‘sex’ had freaked her out. They hung out for a bit to talk about it, but holy crap was it ever an awkward situation. I don’t think it actually made anyone feel better and I think all it did was extend an already awkward night a little longer! I was glad to see them take off, in part because Sara seemed a bit better, but in part because I wanted to talk with Katrina alone and give ourselves a chance to decompress about the whole situation.

It freaked us both out and really upset Katrina. It was the first time we’d had anyone to our house and was with a couple that we thought we could develop a great friendship with. Neither one of us really wanted to screw up what had been becoming a potentially great friendship and we definitely never wanted to make anyone that upset with any of this! We are all about having fun, this is an extension of an already fun and exciting life that is meant to enhance it!

What I was very disappointed about was that we had all talked before doing anything and agreed that if any one of us was uncomfortable with anything that was going on we just had to say the word and we’d all stop and go back to what we were all comfortable with. All she had to do at anytime was say she wasn’t ready for it and none of us would have cared. For whatever reason she didn’t though, and it actually took Katrina a while to get over it. We have agreed to not have anyone to our house for any swinging activities anytime soon though.

What has happened since? We’ve kept in contact with them and went for drinks again a few days later to try and get things on the table and cleared up. I’m not sure it helped really as all Katrina can picture when she thinks about it is the image of Sara crying and running out of the room. We’ve tried to remain friends and continue building that friendship, but it hasn’t been an easy thing to do. Bottom line though is that there won’t be anymore swinging with Sara and Tom, any ongoing relationship with them will be strictly friends.

Thankfully, so far this has been our only real bad experience! Hopefully it remains our lone bad experience lol