After our first swinging experience went well both Katrina and I were excited to try it again. Since the couple we met that first time had decided to stop swinging (issues between them), we were back looking for the right couple again. It’s not an easy thing to find the right people, but we were contacted online almost immediately after logging in by a very nice sounding young couple. They seemed to be on the same page as we were, looking for the same things and we had some fun banter going on back and forth online. Contrary to the first time that we had met someone (where we talked briefly online then met in person) we talked to this couple for weeks and weeks before we actually were able to meet them.

Although we were all ready to meet shortly after starting to talk to them we just weren’t able to make it happen for one reason or another (all 4 of us have very busy lives with work and play) so it took almost 3 weeks before we were able to find a time we could all go out. We arranged to meet for a few drinks on a Friday night at a fun and sexy bar downtown; the bar has a very sexually tinged overtone to everything about the place, so we thought it was the perfect place to meet another couple for some drinks! Over the few weeks between meeting them online and finally meeting them in person we talked to them often on IM and had a great time chatting with them, getting to know them better and really started to build a friendship with them. Very exciting prospect for us because we really wanted to find a couple we could build a friendship with as well as have a lot of wild sex with!

Finally the night to have some drinks came; home from work to clean up and change to more casual and fun outfits then off to meet them for a drink. As usual Katrina and I are running behind so we call them to apologize and let them know when we would be there. We walk in the door and see them immediately, sitting at a table near the front door, but it’s a bit too exposed so we suggest moving to a spot further near the back of the place so we can talk a bit more privately and relax! Before meeting we had all agreed that we would just meet for drinks and nothing more, take things slow and let us all get comfortable, but that didn’t help stop making the first little while awkward and a bit uncomfortable! It took a drink or two for everyone to relax a bit and we were able to chat a lot easier. We spent a few hours getting to know each other in the chilled and sexy atmosphere and as time went on we started flirting more and more. I was having fun flirting with Sara (I haven’t given these guys names, so I will call them Sara and Tom), but Katrina was struggling to flirt with Tom as he seemed a bit more shy about the situation. Sara kept checking Katrina out and it was obvious that she wanted to flirt with her as well, but just wasn’t sure how to start it off….a pretty cute thing to see and endeared her to me even more.

After hours of flirting, a few more drinks and some casual touching (I had my hand on Saras’ knee/leg for a while) there was a fair bit of tension since the night was coming to an end, but we had all agreed that nothing would happen. That sexual tension was cut by Sara making eye contact with me, then making eye contact with Katrina and giving her a long, deep and intense kiss. The two girls sat there in our secluded booth kissing and letting their hands roam for at least 10 minutes, which was a fun sight to see, but to be completely honest got a bit old for me since I am far more interested in being involved in the action than just sitting back and purely watching it. That was ok though, I was happy to let them explore a bit since being with another woman was still very new to them. The bar was closing though so we all gathered our stuff up and went back to our car; Sara and Tom had taken the subway down so we agreed to drive them home rather than subject them to a late night subway ride. Once in the car the two girls in the backseat started back where they left off in the club, only they took it a lot further than just kissing. With the semi-privacy of the car they were kissing and pulling articles of clothes open and over the course of the 45 minute drive (it was a 30 minute drive, but I drove slow…it was hard to concentrate on the road) they escalated from kissing to going down on each other. After each girl had gotten off at least once we pulled up to their house (good timing!) and when we got out to say good night Sara asked if she could kiss me so I got a chance to make out with her for a few minutes before we got back in the car. Katrina and Tom took the hint and kissed as well, although he was a lot more shy about it, but they had a good kiss anyway.

So we had a great night with them, once again we went further than we intended to but we had a great time so we just went with it. The only unfortunate thing is that Sara is a very bad kisser! Both Katrina and I love to kiss and it’s a big turn on for Katrina to make out with a great kisser….but Sara was really not a good kisser at all. We had so much fun with them though and got along so well with them that we decided that wasn’t such a big deal and decided to make plans to meet them again, but this time somewhere private where we could all pick up where we left off!

It was another few weeks before we could meet them though (everyones busy lives getting in the way of naked fun!). Since this is already fairly long I will make our second meeting a separate post.