This was originally intended as a reply to a post on Mandy’s Erotic Life, but for some reason I don’t think the comment went through so I figured I’d make it a post here instead.

Mandy was bringing up the fact that she has never considered herself bi, but with the right girl she really loves to have sex with them. The same goes for Katrina; she doesn’t think of herself as bi, but has been with a number of women and definitely appreciates a sexy girls body. When she and I have discussed this she’s told me that she would never date a woman and she prefers sex with a man, but with the right girl she loves being able to kiss her, have sex with her, touch her….as long as there is a man there for them both to share. She doesn’t see herself enjoying sex with a girl when it’s just the two of them, but she was talking to me when bringing that up, so maybe it was just to save my poor fragile male ego 😉

In any case, I find it interesting that both Mandy and Katrina have been sexual with other women, but don’t really consider themselves to be bi, or bi-curious. Although straight doesn’t fit the description either; maybe we need a new term! 😉