We’ve been reading a lot of blogs on sex, swinging, polyamory and other related subjects (with some naked pictures and porn mixed in) for a fair while now and I finally decided that I wanted to blog a bit about our experiences exploring this side of our relationship.
So to introduce ourselves, we are Slevin and Katrina (no, not really…but those are some cool damn names); we are that nauseating couple who were highschool sweethearts that lasted through the years and finally ended up getting married. We’re in our early 30’s, been married for about 7 years and only this year did we finally decide that we would start bringing other people into our sex life. It is something that we talked about off and on for quite a while, I brought up the idea of a threesome to a very chilly reception by Katrina. I was a bit of an idiot about it, brought it up in a very idiotic way and rather than being smart about talking about it what I did is better described as ‘pestering’. Thankfully I let that die for a while and found a much smarter way to approach it and in that time Katrina also started fantasizing about it more.

Finally this year after a lot of fantasizing and talking about it during sex I told Katrina that we were going to go to a swingers club. We went a few times to a great swinger club in town and just kept to ourselves and had fun. Once we were both comfortable with that I suggested we look online to see if there were other couples that we were both attracted to that we might like to meet. We signed up on a couple of sites and sifted through a lot of ads, talked about what we were comfortable with, the kind of people we wanted to meet and all kinds of stuff. It seemed like we’d just keep talking about it on and on forever, but then in October we sent a message to a very hot looking couple and immediately struck up a great flirtatious rapport with them. After a couple of emails we decided not to waste anytime and arranged to meet for a drink that weekend. We picked a time and place, exchange phone numbers and it was all planned….

We were about to meet our first couple on our way to some awesome sexual adventures.