I guess the first swinging experience is probably the night that we first went to the swingers club, but since all we did was dance together and no one else was involved thats a far less interesting story. Although it was very interesting to be dancing and have women approach me confidently and completely unashamed of their sexuality. It caught me off guard at first, but it was (and continues to be) a very cool thing to see and be a part of. On subsequent visits to that swingers club I have noticed that not all women there have that kind of approach, but it was a cool introduction into this whole thing.

Thats a bit off topic though (I tend to do that, stream of consciousness writing!), so….on with the show!

In our first post I quickly got right to the point of describing how we got in touch with the first couple we were going to meet. Within less than a week from sending our first email to them we found ourselves at Saturday night with the phone number of another couple in our cellphone and plans to meet them for drinks, then head to the swinger club for some dancing and debauchery if we all got along well. Since it was “Miniskirt and heels” night at the swinger club I picked out the shortest possible skirt that I could (I bought Katrina one that looks more like a belt than a skirt….so hot) and she put on a long sweater dress on top of that to hide it since we were going to a normal bar first. Oddly enough we pulled into the parking lot at the bar exactly the same time as the other couple; just as Katrina and I were talking about whether we’d recognize them or not, we looked over and saw them walking towards us.

We all walked in to the bar together, grabbed a corner booth, ordered some drinks and started chatting. It was awkward at first; they had never done this before and we’d never even met anyone for drinks before, but after a drink we all relaxed a bit and did a bit of flirting, got to know each other a bit. We were all a bit hesitant to openly flirt with the others spouse right there in front of them and the two girls didn’t really have any idea of how to flirt with another girl so thinking back on it, the whole thing was pretty funny. Even now when we meet a couple we are still awkward and uncomfortable about the flirting thing at first, but we haven’t met many couples still so that will get easier I think. We quickly all realized we were totally attracted to each other (the girls found each other hot, I thought his wife was a knockout and he was blown away by my sexy Katrina…I assume she thought I was cute lol). So we had a quick conference with our respective spouses and decided to hit the swingers club.

At the swingers club there were a few shots done to loosen up and a lot of dancing. Still not too much flirting, but the girls danced a bit together and we all awkwardly went about dancing and having fun together until finally someone mercifully suggested we go upstairs to the on-premise part of the club to get naked đŸ˜‰ We got upstairs, sat in some chairs and nervously chatted a bit more sexually before walking around together to find a good place we could all comfortably lay down. There was no romance or build up to this at all, just pure “we all want to do this, lets find somewhere to go”. All that awkwardness over the night that we’d spent together so far had built up a lot of sexual tension and it was about to be released. That anticipation, the thoughts of what I would think of seeing my gorgeous wife kiss, suck and grope another man; the thoughts of what my wife would think of seeing me kiss, lick, fondle and suck another woman. We all climbed into an area of the club that was a room with a giant mattress play area about the size of 10 beds put together (it is actually 10 beds put together lol) and I started fooling around with my wife, him with his wife. Suddenly the girls took over and the guys sat back to let them have their fun and I watched while they had sex with each other, the first time with another woman for both of them.

It was an exciting way to start our swinging experience and when he and I jumped back in I went to his wife and he to mine. It was very strange to look over and see him kissing my wife, going down on her and the look of pure pleasure on her face while he did it. I say strange because I felt a bit of jealousy, but I was also very calm and at ease with it. It seemed ok, seemed very hot, seemed almost normal. In talking about it afterwards on the drive home Katrina exclaimed that she was completely surprised at how comfortable she was with everything that happened; shocked at how easy going the vibe was and how normal it seemed to be doing it. Also surprised her a bit at how aroused she had gotten through the whole thing. We didn’t have full on sex with the other couple, we stopped short of doing that although we blew the few rules out of the water that we’d set out for ourselves. Our plan was to only have the girls play with each other and the guys would play with their own wife, but we ended up doing everything but have sex with the others wife. No one pushed us to go that far, we just went with the flow of what we were comfortable with in the moment and let go of our rules.

Before the night started I was unsure of whether Katrina would want to do this again, but on the drive home after we chatted about our experience for a bit there was a little silence while we both processed the events of the night. She broke the silence with “So….do you think they are busy next weekend?”